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Diploma | Tobias Frank | 2020

For his work Tage der Kassiopeia (Days of Cassiopeia), Tobi Frank created various texts, illustrations and artifacts that are telling the story of 14 people, settling an exoplanet in 150 years. The stories were written by friends and acquaintances after giving them a broad brief of the universe he only had in my mind thus far. The texts he got back he brought into form, visualized them through appropriate illustration styles and turned this into a book. The book is divided into 14 chapters, one for each crewmember. Each chapter contains three illustrated writings. At least one story per chapter deals with an item, the particular protagonist has a connection to. Those artifacts, he reified and brought into a physical form. This opens the boundaries of his storytelling, breaks through the fourth wall and turns the book into a interactive scenery. He designed a Shirt, forged a knife, printed a flag, created a drug, casted a bronze necklace, printed a cookiejar, baked, designed and packaged a protein bar, screenprinted a page of a children's book, painted a leather jacket, designed a matchbox, a package with carrot seeds and a deck of cards, carved spectacles of bone, wrote a piece of music and turned it into a record. This is an insight of his project. Read more+

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