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skate collective | Franziska Gläser | 2021

Franziska Gläser created a corporate identity for a skate collective in order to strengthen the impact online and to make it possible to finance social events, e.g. skate contests or festivals, through merchandise.

The projects for the @synesisters girls skate collective were a frame by frame animation, a sticker and a crew/soli-tshirt (silkscreen-Print). The community of the Synesisters stands for a safe place for everyone who is also on wheels. They support any form of creative output from the center of their inner circle. For Franziska, this was the most open and heartfelt invitation to create what inspires her.

A second project involved a collaboration with a local skate deck manufacturer. The artworks on the decks illustrate personal experiences in the skateboarding scene.
The skatedeck-designs are inspired by personal experiences in the skate scene (from left to the right):

– Knowing that you are actually practicing a pretty injury-heavy sport, but loving it.
– The skateboard is – no shit, no matter how loaded the term is – the treasure "schatz" of every skater.
– Skating being a very male-dominated sport, I see a positive non-judgmental attitude towards everyone, even if this guy likes glitter or has other preferences.
– That you always meet skateboarders with an open ear and in general positve communication in the scene.
– And that as cool and dangerous skating may seem to strangers, the encounter and learning progress always takes place at eye level.

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  • Identity
  • Illustration
  • Prediploma 2021