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You can study graphic design/ visual communication in the class of Prof. Holger Felten and Prof. Friederike Girst.

The graphic design/ visual communication course is a diploma course with a regular study period of 8 semesters. All AdBK students, regardless of area of study, attend the foundation course in the first 2 semesters focusing on artistic production and reflection with parallel learning of the basic techniques of the different artistic disciplines – from casting plaster to film cutting – in the workshop and media courses. However, students are invited to and should take part in the graphic design/visual communication class and weekly class discussions from the beginning.

Study is multifaceted with events like workshops with various guest lecturers, seminars, study trips to design firms or public academy lectures with eminent artists and designers and individual areas of specialisation may be selected. Regular opportunities are also given to conduct real projects for customers in business and cultural spheres or to take part in competitions. The study structure and discourse are open, so students can develop their own study focus and define their professional identity. Cooperation between classes and students is desired and fostered. Student guidance is offered by Professors Holger Felten and Friederike Girst and lecturer Peter Wendl.

The diploma award for a non-modular course of study, in which academic freedom is cultivated, reflects the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts’ fundamental self-conception as a creative space for nurturing theoretical and practical skills.

Further information on the study structure, examination regulations and workshops can be found at

Admission requirements

1. schoolleaving qualification entitling them to study at a university

2. or relevant subjectlinked university entrance qualification

3. completed vocational training

The academy is entitled to make exceptions to these requirements and admit applicants with exceptional artistic talent, which must be demonstrated in the aptitude test.



Application for a place at the academy comprises several components, whereby the applicant's portfolio of works constitutes the basis for pre-selection by the admissions committee. The portfolio should reflect the applicant's interests and an intensive study of content and subjects of the applicant’s choice.

1. Application letter stating desired area of study

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Certified copies of credentials and academic qualifications

4. Two passport photos

5. Portfolio with at least 20 original works of art. Digital works may be submitted in digital form (CD or USB stick). Large, bulky or threedimensional works should not be submitted in original, but as a photo/illustration in the portfolio.

6. Signed statement that the submitted works were created by the applicant without any help

Details of whether application documents should be personally collected or returned by post.

Applicants from nonGerman speaking countries must provide proof of sufficient German language skills. The minimum requirement is Level B2 according to CEFR. Applicants who have obtained the general or subjectrelated university entrance qualification outside the scope of the German Basic Law (Constitution) i.e. abroad, must before applying, have submitted all of their certificates (which have to be recognized) along with the „Antrag auf Bewertung von Bildungsnachweisen“ (=application for evaluating foreign academic certificates) to the Academy as soon as possible so that the recognition can be granted before 15th of May.

Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia should always submit the APS Certificate. Further details are available from the Secretary’s Office. Incomplete applications are not eligible for consideration. The academy is excluded from liability for loss or damage of submitted application documents. Applicants should send all application documents for all courses to the Student Administration Office:

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg, Stichwort Bewerbung, Bingstraße 60, 90480 Nürnberg


Aptitude test

Applicants regarded as suitable on account of the works they have submitted (portfolio) shall be admitted to the aptitude test (approx. mid July). It consists of a practical and oral examination.

The practical examination consists of an exercise (4-8 hours, composition of candidate’s choice or subject-related exercise in fine art/goldsmithing and silversmithing and graphic design/visual communication).

The oral examination (approx. 10 minutes) is conducted after the practical examination with the candidate individually and consists of an interview in which questions on art are posed. The examination results are deliberated by the committee. The applicant admitted to the test is notified of the dates for the practical and oral examination in the notification of admission which is sent to them after pre-selection. The aptitude test can only be repeated once for the same area of study.


Pre-study practical

The pre-study practical is a period of practical work lasting at least eight weeks or an apprenticeship certification exam in a relevant line of occupation which must be completed before commencement of study.

Application deadlines

For all academy entrants enrollment is exclusively possible for the winter term:

Graphic-Design / Visual Communication

15 April - 15 May: studies beginning in the winter term



Upcoming events:

Thursday, November 08, 2018, from 11:00 - 15:00 am: general study information day with briefings

Teaching personnel

  • Prof. Friederike Girst
  • Prof. Holger Felten
  • Assistenz Peter Wendl

AdBK Nürnberg, Pavillon 16
Bingstr. 60
90480 Nürnberg
+49 (0)911 9404 124

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